IPH9925-4G 20X 4G Wireless auto tracking PTZ IP Camera

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Model Sensor Speed function
IPH9925-4G/20X HI3516EV300+IMX335 Medium speed(60degree/S) Auto tracking ,Support SD+ 4G (wifi optional)

  1.support level 360 degrees without limit rotation, vertical 90 degree

  2. built-in high sensitivity microphone, pickup range of 100 square meters. And support speaker output

  3.support infrared light automatic / manual control, and support infrared light brightness adjustment

  4. support photosensitive resistance sensitivity adjustment.

  5. support level 360-degree scanning, and support scanning speed adjustment

  6. support 256 presets

  7.support 3 groups of cruise, and support cruise speed adjustment and cruise point dwell time adjustment.

  8. support limit scan, and support scan speed adjustment.

  9.support a Home position, and support time settings

  10.support idle action

  11.support the focus mode of three different application scenarios.

  12.support temperature control mode (requires additional thermostat)

  13.Supports dual light source mode. White light is on when object moves, and image is color.

  20x zoom Camera

  1.support 18x optical zoom, lens focal length: 4.7-94 mm

  2.HI3516EV300+IMX335 ,5MP(2560*1920),20fps,4MP(2560x1440)25fps

  used SONY star-level CMOS chip IMX307/335

  HI3516EV300+IMX335 Rate: Support 5MP (2560*1920), 20 frame rate, 4MP (2560x1440) 25 frame rate

  3.support H.264/265/265+ compression algorithm.

  4. support multiple network protocols TCP / IP, HTTP, TCP, ICMP, UDP, ARP, IGMP, SMTP, FTP, DHCP, DNS, DDNS, NTP, UPNP, RTSP, etc

  5.support P2P connection

  6.support for audible alarms, and can customize the alarm sound

  7. support P2P alarm push

  8.support SD card storage, maximum support 128GB (only for devices that support SD card + WIFI version)

  9.support SD card main stream capture (only for devices that support SD card + WIFI version)

  10.support imges FTP upload

  11.support ONVIF Protocol

  12.support RTSP push stream

  13.support humanoid recognition, and support humanoid recognition alarm linkage :video, capture, FTP upload, voice alarm, APP alarm push, alarm video. And support 4 personal shape recognition area (can be used for regional intrusion settings)

  14.support SMD (including Smart PQ, Low Bitrate, humanoid detection)

  15.support alarm input and output (optional)

  16.support DDNS dynamic domain name resolution

  17.support two-way language intercom

  Specification Sheet

4.5 Inch Auto tracking PTZ camera
Operating system embedded LINUX
Main processor HiSilicon 3516EV300
Image Sensor SONY IMX 335 (5MP IP Camera)
Day and night mode Support
Compression standard
Compression standard H.265+,H.265,H.264
Video compression algorithm supports H.265+,H.265, H.264
Audio compression algorithm G.711U
Compressed transport stream 256Kbps-12288Kbps, can be customized, default 1536Kbps
Maximum image size 5MP (2560x1920)
Code stream/frame rate Main stream: 5MP 20fps,4MP 25fps,3MP,2MP 25fps
Substream:448P(800*448)25fps,D1 25fps,CIF 25fps
Character overlay Support OSD Channel name, time and date information overlay
Image settings Brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure, up and down reverse, left and right mirroring adjustable
Network Function
Storage function Supports up to 128G Micro SD card storage. supports alarm and scheduled video storage
Motion detection Four independent detection areas can be set (sensitivity: High ,Medium ,Low can be set)
Humanoid detection support the detection of up to 3 humanoid targets, can set four independent detection areas, and support humanoid detection alarm trigger (sensitivity:high ,medium and low can be set)
Alarm linkage alarm sends the picture to the specified mailbox; the alarm uploads the picture is uploaded to the FTP server,SD card record, SD card capture,APP Messages push,audio output;
Audio input Build in MIC
Audio output Support
LANinterface Wifi wireless ,RJ45 10Base-T/100Base-TX, WIFI/802.11b/g/n wireless
PTZ speed dome
Infrared illumination distance 80M
LENS 18x optical zoom,4.7-94mm
waterproof level IP66
Rotation speed 120 degree/S (High speed)
60 degree/S (High speed)
Working temperature Ambient temperature :-40℃ ~ +85℃
Power adapter DC12V 3A
Working Humidity -10-95%
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