NVR analysis of new technologies and purchase points

 Industry News     |      2018-12-26
  As network security products, derivatives IP camera and NVR (network video recorder), in recent years has gradually entered the track, half a slice of ocean occupies security! Major manufacturers are constantly trying to develop new technologies, to better cater to network, to meet the new security trends.
  NVR technical application of new ideas
  NVR surveillance in the commercial market soon fall flowering ushered in the popularity of the situation, and with the growing number of market applications, NVR product categories have begun to form. Based NVR main applications will be divided into professional-grade storage type NVR and NVR. NVR storage type to Taiwanese manufacturers and some domestic manufacturers as the main representative is currently rarely used in the Chinese market, these products are designed primarily ideologically positioned as monitoring the NVR storage devices on the security professional applications, such devices are often not meet the requirements; while professional NVR, it is fundamentally different in design thinking, such NVR from initial design considerations of specialized applications, as described above, in concept, the design, which integrates the management features such as platforms and storage devices. In addition to storage, it is actually more efficient and convenient is an integrated business management platform that can provide a variety of professional, intelligent applications, for example, the integration of the intelligent retrieval NVR, video summaries and other high-end technology features. Also, the premise is the perfect low-cost business ideas and solutions. At the same time, the past is only present in the high-end industry market professional NVR surveillance exhaustively introduced into the commercial market later, still practice spawned a lot of sophisticated new applications.
  Intensive monitoring center, simple and easy to use
  Most commercial-scale monitoring system is not large, but to achieve a complete monitoring system, regardless of how it must have a notion of scale monitoring center / control room, both need to manage the front of the device also needs to see real-time monitoring screen, the abnormal situation also needed quick manipulation. Or simply a conventional DVR NVR storage in fact in this respect provides a very bad experience, but the user is not selected. Now, professional NVR with one machine multi-screen performance, will be able to help users quickly create a professional monitoring center, a computer + a single NVR can connect more than one display device, the user can display different content in different respectively, such optionally a screen video playback or optionally an electronic map display, you can also preview the operation on all screens. And, this deployment plan is not complicated wiring, low cost, the operation is very simple and intuitive, the monitoring center can also migrate to any place at any time, even while building more of these monitoring center, which, like supermarkets, hotels such users will be a very useful feature.
  Massive video search, examination ultimate fast and accurate
  Find playback of video is an important feature monitored by retrieving the video to find critical information is then common, but the monitoring and management capabilities. But in the past, through the video playback to trace the event is a time-consuming thing, for a long time staring at the screen to see fatigue, if the use of fast-forward operation and very easy to miss important information. Now, professional NVR incorporates advanced intelligent search technologies and video summaries, the former can help users to use video in the Events tab for quick retrieval, without second second viewing, just marquee around the missing items when operating at the location , then click "intelligent search" button, the goal will be searching out the video instantly; latter by the separation of the original video in the foreground and background technology to extract video clips goals and eliminate useless, and extracted from the original video to all target information, generate a summary after the concentrated essence of video, 24 hours recording one hour to complete browsing, for security personnel, the intelligent search functions like video comes with an intelligent robot assistant, it will automatically help you quickly find video you want, is very time-saving.
  Monitoring, fire alarm, access control and orderly brought together a
  We know that the security system includes several types of video surveillance, fire alarm, access control, etc., in jail / prison industry and other applications more complex, more fragmented security subsystem, run independently of other characteristics brought low management efficiency, information does not flow once severely reducing security efficiency. Therefore, these security subsystem integration, to integrate them in a unified platform for managing and mutual interaction between the various systems collaboration, security has become an important performance multi-system applications. Now, as previously mentioned, the commercial demand for the security surveillance industry application integration is also increasing, with a bit of scale hotels, supermarkets, all kinds of real estate buildings, corporate campuses have at least built, including video surveillance, fire alarm, access control, etc. four or more different security systems, therefore, security is becoming an important integration demands of commercial security industry. Professional NVR has now also introduced integrated security technology to achieve more efficient system integration and linkage, providing a convenient means for a more comprehensive security management. NVR buy points analysis
  Although the same storage device, but clearly not just knowledge NVR upgraded version of the DVR?s so simple, whether it is the difference between connection terminals or storage capacity, have been disruptive change. Therefore, some users might wonder, for such a new device, how should we go to grasp its quality? Faced with so many new features, where should we screened it? Here we have to focus on key features of the NVR explore what happens.
  A storage part of the study
  For the current NVR devices, due to its DVR devices compared with more storage potential. Thus different machines will have different storage bay. And we have the support of the hard type of choice, but also the best quality enterprise-class hard drive-based. After all, for such a device, in terms of stability, reliability, etc. are a very good protection. In addition, in order that we can be more convenient to replace the disk in future applications. We also choose the best hot-swap enabled devices to better facilitate future maintenance.
  Of course, the higher compatibility means that the future will be more convenient access to more and larger systems. So when purchasing equipment, we have to carefully monitor the hard disk type, brand, and the single largest capacity hard drive support, and so on. Only by understanding these detailed indicators only after the overall performance of our machines have a better grasp.
  Second, the study on safety
  In contrast to both, and each has what characteristic? It is understood that, compared to the embedded NVR, PC-type devices on the processing speed of the CPU is clearly faster, but also in the development of new technologies is also very convenient, and support for more video compression format. However, he also has obvious shortcomings in stability, PC embedded devices is clearly better than a lot less.
  For embedded, its strengths in addition to reflecting outside stability, high reliability, low consumption, energy saving, are also its advantages, but also to adapt to different environments, configuration and application of cost control, but also have a good performance. In addition, the current embedded NVR has been able to satisfy 25FPS full real-time capabilities. Although there are still some difficulties in hardware changes, but in the long run, embedded devices NVR is still the main direction of development.
  Of course, in our selection process, the demand is still the first direction our reference. When we manage large ones much, we can choose embedded devices. If monitoring a large area, then, PC-type devices or our best option.
  Third, the management and operation of inspection
  In our application, the control convenience device is also directly related to our application results. Therefore, when we choose NVR devices, remote applications and back-end management also requires us to focus on the link. For the current remote applications, NVR device is mainly based on the use of NVR built-in Webserver or by opening the remote client software for remote administration of view, record, playback and other basic operations, as well as equipment and systems, alarm linkage, etc. link.
  For background management, it can be centrally managed and background operations on the front of the device through the system management platform, background data backup, hierarchical management. Today, many of the NVR device has been able to easily complete the related functions, while for us to realize these functions to enhance remote management capabilities also has a vital role. Therefore, it also requires us to be a particular concern in the choice of equipment.
  Fourth, the application software and hardware inspection
  When we choose NVR systems, software and hardware performance of the system is also an important aspect that we can not ignore. In the previous article, we mentioned how the device performance division. However, if we choose incorrectly on the hardware and software, then it can be said in front of the work will become futile.
  When we look at the hardware functions, we need to focus on whether the device has a more convenient power supply, in transmission, whether you can truly convenient and economic construction or use.
  On storage, have enough storage capacity to respond, and scalability, can ensure a more realistic and efficient video output, etc., are all areas that we need to consider.
  And when it comes to software, device applications, convenience, safety is also a focus of our attention in the software field. For example, in our application, whether the system has the ability to work smarter, more convenient way of working in the security of data on whether a more proactive security backup function, etc., are also related to our final results.
  Aspects of the above is in the selection of NVR devices, we need to focus on a few priorities. As a new technology to monitor storage, NVR and DVR although technically not a small difference, but, with the monitoring in the field of storage devices, they are destined to have a lot of things in common. So, after these surveillance video storage areas hold key areas, a highly effective NVR also really far away from us.