IPC-A3B Battery Powered WIFI IP camera

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Battery Powered WIFI IP camera IPC-A3B recording without network

Battery Powered WIFI IP camera IPC-A3B Features

Battery Powered WIFI IP camera IPC-A3B IP67 rainproof

Battery Powered WIFI IP camera IPC-A3B remote controlling

Battery Powered WIFI IP camera IPC-A3B built-in AP hotspot signal

Battery Powered WIFI IP camera IPC-A3B Part function

Battery Powered WIFI IP camera IPC-A3B Part function

Model IPC-A3B
Operating system Linux
Pixel 2 million
Master chip T20-Z
Image Sensor SC2235h
Video coding Support H.264; support multi-stream, support up to 1080P, support zone-to-area (ROI)
encoding, configurable GOP length, support I/P/B frame
Support CBR/VBR
Default primary stream 15 frames 1Mbps substream 10 frames 512Kbps
Audio coding G726, G711, AAC, MP3 format, 8K sampling rate, support for echo cancellation
Video interface Support OSD image overlay
Peripheral interface Integrated high precision 32.768K RTC internal integrated 10M/100M full duplex / half duplex
Ethernet PHY.
Real standby Built-in MCU, support true standby function; support infrared, button, GPIO alarm wake up
the main system; system standby average power consumption 900uA
Add and decrypt Internal integration of 128KB Efuse; support for DES/3DES/AES encryption algorithms; support
for custom-defined key encryption startup
Lens type Full glass lens
Lens parameter 3.6MM/F2.2
Viewing angle 105°
Day and night function IR-CUT dual filter automatic switching
Night vision distance 8 meters
wireless network 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Wireless rate 150Mbps (Max)
Wireless connections Smartlink distribution network
Acoustic pair code support
AP hotspot connection support
P2P connection support
Video compression format H.264
Resolution 1080P: 1920*1080
Video frame rate 25fps, 15fps
Code stream Double stream
multimedia support
PIR detection support
SD card recording support
Cloud storage support
UPnP support
Built-in DDNS support
PIR support
Storage Support TF card storage, maximum support 64G
User Management administrator
ID burglar support
PIR detection High sensitivity / medium / low three adjustable
Low battery alarm support
Infrared light 8 infrared lamps, wavelength 850nm, effective distance 10 meters
IR-CUT Dual filter automatic switching
Illuminance 3Lux
Photosensitive Sensitivity 0.7Ω/Lux
battery model 18650
Section number 2 knots
Standby time Permanent battery life (in case of sunshine)
Power consumption Average standby power consumption of the device: 0.0035w, average operating power consumption: 0.95w Average standby current of the device: 900uA, average operating current: 250mA
Product volume (mm) 76*64*64mm
Color box size (mm) 180x110x90 (height) mm
Product net weight (g) 820
Net weight (g) 1050
Installation environment - humidity 20% to 85% (non-condensing)
Installation environment - temperature –10°C~60°C
Storage humidity 0%-90% (non-condensing)
Color white
Support mobile phone Android2.3 and above; IOS7.0 and above;
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